Shavkat Mirziyoyev’s Address to the Parliament. Highlights


President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev delivered an address to the Oliy Majlis and the people of Uzbekistan. In which, Shavkat Mirziyoyev proposed to declare the year 2023 as the Year of Human Care and Quality Education.

The proposal was met with applause.

Highlights of the address:

“It is necessary to continue reforms in the field of education, “basically official needs to visit educational institutions, meet teachers more, solve existing problems together, and promote the implementation of their ideas to improve the quality of education.”

“We will include in the State Program for next year all the issues raised by our people, proposing specific ways to solve them. I ask you to be proactive in this process by putting forward new initiatives, deputies and senators, representatives of mahallas, intellectuals, youth and entrepreneurs, the general public”.

“The year 2022 was a very difficult year of trials. The experience we have gained during this period once again confirms one truth: only by hard and selfless work can progress be achieved.”

“This year, Uzbekistan’s population surpassed 36 million, annually adding a new generation of almost 900 thousand people, “which, of course, pleases us”.

“We are trying to create all the necessary conditions for everyone in our large and friendly family – Uzbekistan – to live in peace and prosperity”.

“As a result of large-scale and effective reforms, the country’s gross domestic product surpassed $80 billion for the first time. This year alone, $8 billion of foreign direct investment was drawn to our economy, and exports reached $19 billion”.

Events in Karakalpakstan autonomy

“The events in Karakalpakstan autonomy greatly upset our people. Thank God, thanks to the wisdom of our multinational people, the situation quickly returned to normal».

““The achievements of Karakalpakstan are the achievements of all Uzbekistan, the concerns of Karakalpakstan are the concerns of all Uzbekistan.” This idea has always been a program of practical actions for us and will continue to be so».

“Our noble goal is the construction of a comprehensively developed, comfortable and prosperous New Karakalpakstan by our joint work in New Uzbekistan,” the head of state emphasized.

“No force can affect the age-old friendship of our peoples. Because we share one past, one present and one future!”

Person above all

“The principle “First of all – the person, and then the society and the state” should be deeply established in the Constitution and laws, in our daily life».

“We need to further strengthen the national statehood, thanks to this solid foundation, we are able to effectively overcome today’s serious trials and future, yet unknown challenges and threats».

“Efforts are ongoing on improving the Constitution. Our people are waiting for big changes from the constitutional reform. More than 220,000 proposals received to date are a vivid confirmation of this».

“Discussions and debates continue,” the President informed. – We all see that our deputies and political parties are responsible and active in this process, they are attentive to each proposal. I thank them for this.”

“We will make decisions based on the principle “Society is the initiator of reforms” and consulting on all issues with our people. We need to develop a modern Constitution, imbued with the idea of respect for the honor and dignity of a person as the highest value, such a Basic Law that will fully comply with the goals of New Uzbekistan and serve future generations».

“All proposals and wishes expressed by citizens would be taken into account, and the draft Constitution was submitted to a national referendum.”

“The most important thing is that each of our compatriots should feel involved in the ongoing reform in order to have the right to proudly say:“ This is my Constitution».

Social sphere

“This year, for the first time in our history, the level of pensions and social benefits was brought to a level not less than the minimum consumption expenditure.”

“The policies of increasing wages, pensions and allowances, and income per capita will be consistently continued.”

“The public is waiting results in the following areas:

· increase the number of schools, kindergartens and hospitals, increase the quality of education and medicine;

· that road, water, electricity, transport problems in the neighborhood will be solved;

· the increase of jobs, the creation of new opportunities for entrepreneurship;

· justice to be served, eliminating red tape, bureaucracy and corruption.

“The issues raised are clear and relevant. No matter how difficult it is, we must solve these problems.

“No one from abroad will solve these problems. Our main task should be to create all the conditions to use the initiative, enthusiasm and potential of our people”.

Civil service reform

“At the first stage, the ministries will be reformed, and the method of the government’s work will fundamentally change. First of all, the number of ministries and departments will be reduced from the current 61 to 28. Now each ministry will be responsible for the implementation of state policy in the relevant area, as well as manage the committees, agencies and inspections included in the structure”.

“We will switch over to a compact and efficient system of public service.”

“Why do I start my speech with reform in this area? It was necessary to create new ministries and departments within six years in order to boost industries that were previously in a neglected state and were on the verge of “disappearance”. We had to do it, otherwise we would not have achieved what we have now.”

“Uzbekistan has “achieved great results” in the areas of preschool education, housing and utility services, investments and public-private partnerships.”

«It is necessary to expand the private initiative and open up new prospects for it. Now is the time to move from “manual control” to systemic control that works for a specific result».

“We need to openly say that at present there are many duplicating [functions] in the state apparatus, there are unnecessary states. Very high centralization. As a result, too much time, effort and resources are spent on finding the right solutions to today’s complex problems. How long does it take for [the problem] to get from the district to the president? Let’s introduce ourselves. The bureaucracy becomes a chain on our feet. Ministers have, so to speak, “no voice” in government decisions. That is, their participation and responsibility in the preparation and implementation of these decisions are insufficient».

«Ministers no longer have the right to work the old-fashioned way.”

“If a minister does not have clear far-sighted approaches in his field, if his activities do not lighten the burden of people, tell yourself, what is the use of such a leader? Therefore, I signed a decree on a new administrative reform. We have been preparing for this for a long time, no one has the right to discuss this. This is the demand of the time».

“Ministers who are well versed in their field, selfless and whose work the people are satisfied with, will remain in their positions. I think this approach is fair… The political status of each minister, his responsibility to the president, parliament and society will increase. As a result, responsibility increases. They will be given sufficient powers and means to solve the problems of the population».

“A phased reduction in the number of civil servants by 30-35%. The savings will be used to address social issues”.

“This year we adopted the new Civil Service Law.

“From now on, public positions will be recruited only on the basis of selection. The performance of all managers is evaluated based on performance indicators.”

“Every year we train 500 specialists in the most prestigious foreign universities and centers. In the next two years, educated and experienced personnel who worked in high positions in republican offices will be appointed to each district and city mayor’s office”.

“Starting from the new year, each governor will have to bring 40-50 million dollars of private investments to his district».


“We talk a lot about corruption, but if corruption is allowed in the system, then why shouldn’t the minister be held accountable? Why do we find the smallest people at lower levels and bring them to justice? Why doesn’t the minister say: “Mr. President, as a minister, there are so many embezzlements in my ministry, I will resign”? Has any minister said so? Everyone likes the position, but not everyone likes to take responsibility».

“Representatives of the state must win the love of our people with their honest work, simplicity, patriotism, sincerity and purposefulness … Now the political responsibility of the ministers has been increased, draft government resolutions, important socio-economic issues relating to the life of our country, will be decided collectively with the direct participation of the ministers. To solve problems in each province, a “Government Day” will be held monthly».

«At the beginning of each year, the minister will report to the public on plans in his field, and at the end of the year – on the results achieved. “I want to emphasize that now the minister who cannot do his job will resign».

“It is planned to expand the powers of the Oliy Majlis.”

“MPs are involved in the appointment of a new minister, get acquainted with the plans and approve them. But, unfortunately, they are limited only to criticism. It is known that both chambers have committees and commissions. In fact, they should show the ministers in which area or area the work is not going well, go to the place for shortcomings, study the opinion of the people and find a solution to the problem together”.

“We need, of course, and criticism. However, it is necessary to effectively use the great powers and opportunities given to the current deputies,”

Samarkand and Namangan as separate administrative entities

“Samarkand and Namangan will become cities of republican subordination as separate administrative-territorial units. Now these cities are the administrative centers of the provinces of the same name.”

“The number of cities with a population of more than a million in Central Asia has reached seven. In addition to the capitals, these cities are also turning into “points of growth. The populations of Samarkand and Namangan are also approaching a million”.

“Samarkand is turning into a world famous metropolis, a center of international tourism and business. Namangan is also finding its place as a provincial center in the fields of industry, entrepreneurship, education and culture”.

Public transport

“For the city of Tashkent, an additional 1,000 modern buses will be purchased, 7 overgroud metro stations will be launched. Due to this, additional amenities will be created for more than 500 thousand people».

“To improve the quality of passenger transportation in the provinces, the movement of 1,000 buses will also be established, he added. This will simplify the movement of 1 million people in 300 mahallas with a difficult situation in the field of public transport.”

“God willing, before the Navruz holiday we will deliver 2,000 buses to the republic. We are obliged to do this. People demand this”.


“I believe that the time has come to enshrine the status of a teacher in the Constitution, guarantees for the protection of his honor and dignity”.

“From 2023, we will begin a radical reform of school education based on international educational programs. For the systematic organization of work, the preparation of new textbooks, the introduction of advanced educational standards and methods, separate laboratories and a scientific institute will be created”.

“70 new schools will be built next year, 460 schools will be expanded. The construction of 100 schools will begin with the participation of private investment, in the next five years the number of such schools will reach 1,000.”

“From the next academic year, free meals will be introduced in schools of all provinces and Tashkent, the head of state said. “Since the beginning of the year, 285,000 primary school students in Karakalpakstan and Khorezm have received free meals. We have accumulated sufficient experience in this regard. Now, from the next academic year, this practice will be introduced in schools of all provinces and Tashkent, 2.3 trillion soums will be allocated for this”.

Uzbek language

“Care for our native language, which is a symbol of our national identity, the basis of our spirituality, will be even more strengthened».

“Of course, in the family we must also know a foreign language, this is now a requirement of the time. But knowledge of the native language should become mandatory. Mandatory!” the President stressed.

“New Uzbekistan does not fit such words as “My child knows foreign languages, but does not know his native language.” It is necessary to know a foreign language, but it is necessary to know your native language”.

Energy prices liberalization

“Many economists propose a transition to a free market in the energy sector. This is the right way. I also want this. But you need to think about one thing. Per capita income must be taken into account. Why are we issuing loans from day one to make families entrepreneurs, creating opportunities, albeit a little, but changing per capita income. If now we sell [energy resources] at market prices, how will people pay this? How will we reduce poverty? Economists are right, I want this too, but what will happen in Uzbekistan if we do this? Tomorrow people will suffer”.

“The reform in this area should be carried out “taking into account the social security of the people, in stages and without haste.”

Legal reform

“Warrant for search, wiretapping and seizure of property will be transferred from the prosecutor’s office to the courts.”

“Warrants for search, wiretapping and seizure of property will be transferred from the prosecutor’s office to the courts. This was announced by the President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev in his message to the Parliament and the people on Tuesday.”

“The low quality of the investigation is true. The red tape of people in the courts is also true. There are cases of non-execution of court decisions… Why hasn’t an electronic system for choosing lawyers provided at the expense of the state been launched yet? Who is against it? The Chairman of the “Supreme Court and the Attorney General should think about this. Someone is against it. The President gave an order, why is it not being fulfilled? It is necessary to introduce an electronic system so that every citizen can choose any lawyer. It’s not difficult after all. But behind this there is a lot of talk, corruption».

“There are plans to soon sign a decree on improving the quality of justice and creating a system in which “law enforcement agencies will be trained to work in a new way.”

“We are doing a lot of preparation. It is difficult, but there is a gradual movement forward. Because you can’t live like that. People will not be happy with us if we do not make the trial fair».

Gas production

“The country will adopt a 10-year exploration program to increase gas production.”

“At the same time, for the first time, we will begin work on gas production from deep layers (more than 6 km), introducing new technologies. We have never gone below 6 km. Now let’s go down – the possibilities are great, there is gas. But it is expensive to produce it”.

“In particular, large foreign investors will be attracted to the Ustyurt plateau for exploration in highly promising deep layers, but taking into account the national interests of Uzbekistan, which will be enshrined in law.”

“All issued licenses for gas production will be reviewed, appropriate measures will be taken on inefficient enterprises. As you can see for yourselves, energy has turned into politics in the world. To politics. Therefore, we must enshrine [national interests in law] so that underground deposits bring benefits for the next 10, 20 years”.

Real IPO for the people

“Our big programs in the field of metallurgy will allow us to increase copper by 3 times (500,000 tons) and gold by 150 tons per year after five years. Large-scale projects will also be launched in the chemical, automotive and agricultural machinery industries.

“At the same time, it is necessary to fully and effectively use the opportunities presented by privatization and public-private partnership through attracting active investments. Next year, we will launch a major privatization, about a thousand enterprises will be put up for sale».

“Also, in 2023, the shares of the 10 largest companies and commercial banks will be publicly and transparently traded.”

“Today I want to tell you one intention in my heart. My big intention is that hundreds of thousands of our country men become owners and shareholders. Let our people invest their savings and get high returns.”

“Therefore, I gave an instruction. Next year, the shares of our 10 largest companies and commercial banks will be publicly and transparently traded for our citizens. I believe it will be a real IPO for the people”.

“In this regard, I consider it appropriate to repeat what I said before: if the people are rich, the state will be rich and powerful as well”.