War is coming at any time. Can China’s national defense construction keep up with the madness of the United States?


Asia has always been the most complicated area in international politics. Black, white, yellow, red, all kinds of countries and nationalities are intertwined. Over the years, although China has always wanted to maintain peaceful development, the United States did not want to give us this opportunity. Whether it is the military deployment on the first and second island chains or the adjustment of US military forces in Japan, South Korea and the Philippines, it can be seen that the US is actively preparing for war. Therefore, in response to the encirclement by the United States and its allies, China has to adjust its military spending.

According to the “Global Times” news, this year’s 2023 national defense budget, my country will continue to maintain a growth trend. As for the current crisis-ridden international situation, especially the contest between China and the United States, changes in China’s defense budget have aroused widespread concern from the outside world.

It is worth noting that this year’s national defense budget of our country is about 1.5537 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 7.2%. The budget expenditure continues to rise, and the construction of military equipment can be expected.

Many Western media have started to use this amount to continue to hype various topics, such as the “China Threat Theory”, driving a global arms race, and so on. In fact, they are double standards with ulterior motives. It can be said that it is a common routine and style of Western media, first telling part of the truth, and then avoiding or insinuating on key issues, creating their own views that they want to express, and confusing the public. In fact, the growth rate of China’s national defense expenditure is completely in line with the growth rate of China’s economy, and it can even be said to be quite conservative. The proportion of the overall GDP is much lower than that of Europe and the United States, even less than 1.5% of GDP. However, in several countries around my country, such as India, the proportion of military expenditure has always remained at more than 2% of GDP, which is much higher than ours.

In some European countries, such as Britain, France, and Germany, military expenditures accounted for more than 2% of GDP after adjustment. During the Trump period, the United States also specifically threatened Germany, asking it to increase the proportion of military spending to 2% of GDP. Not to mention the United States itself, accounting for an astonishing 4%, the highest in the world. To put it bluntly, on the one hand, they are improving the overall military strength of the NATO group, and on the other hand, they are seeking benefits for their own military-industrial complex.

To be honest, under the current international situation, war may strike at any time. The United States has continued to increase its military threat to China over the years, and we continue to maintain a low-growth defense budget. Can it keep up with the future war situation? The inability of national defense construction to keep up with the madness of the United States has always been the focus of discussions among domestic think tank scholars. Believe this, the leadership of our country also has a lot of considerations. On the one hand, it is necessary to consider continuing to promote economic development; on the other hand, it is enough to meet the current military construction needs in terms of pure purchasing power.

Compared with the United States, a large part of the United States’ military investment actually falls into the hands of agents and related interest groups, which has not exerted the desired effect. The most famous one is the coffee mug of the U.S. Air Force, bought from China for 100 or 200 yuan, and then asked the U.S. government for 1,280 U.S. dollars. The USB conversion interface on the B-52 bomber may cost tens to hundreds of dollars in China, and the US military agent dares to ask for 2,800 dollars. It is precisely because of this phenomenon that Americans always find it incomprehensible every time they see China’s low military expenditures, which has brought about great changes in military power, so they often say that China has “hidden military expenditures”. In fact, the U.S. government is incapable of management, and it is being taken advantage of by itself, but it does not know it.

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