Turkmenistan Bans Electronic Cigarettes – Media


Turkmenistan banned the sale of electronic cigarettes, turkmen.news sources say. These cigarettes spread widely in a country where conventional tobacco products are almost completely banned.

Buying disposable electronic cigarettes, reusable vape devices, spare parts for them, as well as filling liquids has recently become almost impossible. Officially, no regulations were issued, the goods simply disappeared from sale. Sellers tell buyers that they have been banned.

Previously, it was easy to buy electronic cigarettes, they were sold online and offline. In particular, high-end night shops throughout Ashgabat have become a popular place to sell this product. These shops are owned by relatives of the president’s family. Sources note that even now in some of these stores people can still buy disposable electronic cigarettes, as well as hookahs and tobacco for them.

Source: AKIpress