Top 5 Most Cheapest Electric Bike in Pakistan


E-bikes offer the convenience of reduced operating costs, minimal environmental impact

In a world grappling with record-high inflation and ever-increasing fuel costs, Pakistan is witnessing a significant shift in transportation preferences.

More and more Pakistanis are turning away from traditional cars and motorcycles and opting for electric bikes (E-bikes) as a practical and sustainable solution, particularly in urban areas.

The rising popularity of e-bikes

Electric bikes, known for their eco-friendliness and cost-efficiency, have caught the attention of Pakistanis concerned about environmental degradation and rising fuel prices.

E-bikes offer the convenience of reduced operating costs and minimal environmental impact, making them an attractive alternative to conventional vehicles.

Electric bike manufacturers in Pakistan

Several companies have ventured into the electric bike market in Pakistan, providing a wide range of E-bike options to consumers.

Let’s delve into some of the key players and their offerings:

MS Jaguar Motorcycles

MS Jaguar entered the electric bike market in 2021 and offers a range of E-bikes with varying specifications to suit different preferences and usage needs.

Models: MS E-Scooter, MS E 70, MS E 125, E-Heavy Bike
Price Range: Rs129,900 to Rs259,900


Jolta has emerged as a frontrunner in Pakistan’s electric bike industry.

Despite initial reports of technical issues, they have become the largest E-bike company in the country in terms of sales.

Their lineup includes various models with different price points, top speeds, ranges, and charge times.

Models: JEC Cycle, JE 70, JE 100 L, JE 125 L, JES 49D Scooter, JES 49L Scooter
Price Range: Rs42,500 to Rs199,000


Another significant player in the Pakistani E-bike market is Pakzon.

They offer a variety of electric bike models with varying features to cater to different preferences and budgets.

Models: PE-Scooty-D, PE 70D, PE 70L, PE 100L
Price Range: Rs125,000 to Rs249,000

Mega Bikes

Mega Bikes caters to a wide audience looking for cost-effective and sustainable commuting options with its assortment of electric bicycles and scooters.

Models: Electric Bicycle, Scooty, Sports E-Bike
Price Range: Rs34,997 to Rs189,997


Evee has quickly gained popularity in Pakistan due to its appealing design and affordable prices.

Their current lineup features the C1 electric scooter, targeting urban commuters.

Models: C1
Price: Rs175,000

Why e-bikes are gaining traction?

Electric bikes are witnessing a surge in popularity in Pakistan for several compelling reasons:

Environmentally Friendly: E-bikes produce zero emissions during operation, contributing to a cleaner environment.
Cost-Effective: E-bikes offer substantial cost savings compared to traditional petrol-powered vehicles.
Reduced Operating Costs: Lower maintenance and charging costs make E-bikes more economical in the long run.
Traffic and Parking Convenience: E-bikes can easily maneuver through traffic and require less parking space.
Health Benefits: Riding E-bikes encourages physical activity and promotes a healthier lifestyle.

The surge in popularity of electric bikes in Pakistan signifies a significant shift towards sustainable and eco-friendly transportation.

With various reputable manufacturers offering a diverse range of E-bike options, consumers now have ample choices to suit their preferences and requirements.

While challenges like resale value and charging infrastructure persist, the overall trend toward E-bikes bodes well for a greener and more sustainable future in Pakistani transportation.

Source: Samaa TV