The World’s No 1 Tea Brand : Handpicked From Sri Lanka’s Finest Tea Gardens


LIPTON YELLOW LABEL Now available in Sri Lanka

Get ready to savor the rich taste and fresh aromas of the all-new Lipton Yellow Label proudly brought to you by the world’s number one tea brand, Lipton.

Carefully sourced from the central hills of Sri Lanka where the world’s finest tea is grown, Lipton Yellow Label is a testament to their expertise in over 130 years of tea blending.

This exceptional tea is celebrated for its rich taste, promising a journey to remember with each sip. From the serene hills of Sri Lanka to your teacup, Lipton Yellow Label offers a remarkable experience for both plain tea and milk tea. So, why not kickstart your day and seize every moment with this sensational brew? Discover the world of Lipton Yellow Label. LETS HAVE SOME ?

Source: Island