Russia Urges Continuation of Data Collection on US, NATO War Crimes in Afghanistan


TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Russia’s delegation to the 53rd Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council emphasized the need to continue collecting data on the war crimes committed by the US and NATO in Afghanistan.

“The international community needs to remember about the war crimes that the US and NATO militaries committed during their 20-year-long presence in Afghanistan,” Russian diplomat Yaroslav Yeryomin stated while addressing the session, according to TASS.

He further stressed the importance of continuing the work to gather information and expose the crimes committed by the US and NATO in Afghanistan, with the aim of making them public.

Yeryomin, a member of the Russian delegation, also expressed concern over attempts by the US and its allies to politicize humanitarian assistance to the Afghan people and link it to specific obligations, deeming such actions unacceptable. He highlighted that Russia prioritizes facilitating stability and security on the Afghan track.

Moscow firmly believes that long-term peace in Afghanistan is essential for the favorable development of the entire region. Yeryomin noted, “We have been calling on the interim Afghan government to fulfill its promise to form an inclusive system of government, taking into account the interests of key ethnic and political groups, boosting the fight against terrorism and drug trafficking, and ensuring the basic rights and freedoms of the country’s people.”

The Taliban launched a major operation to seize control of Afghanistan in the spring of 2021, following the announcement of US plans to withdraw troops from the country. On August 15, 2021, Taliban fighters captured the Afghan capital of Kabul without encountering resistance, leading to the fleeing of then Afghan president Ashraf Ghani. US troops completed their withdrawal from Afghanistan in early September 2021, concluding Washington’s two-decade-long presence in the country.

Source: tasnimnews