‘Rajinikanth of Pakistan’: Retired government official resembles the famous Indian superstar


Rehmat Gashkori, 62, is a retired government official from Pakistan and looks very similar to celebrated Tamil actor Rajinikanth.

The internet loves doppelgangers of famous people. Lookalikes of famous personalities are often found in the most unexpected places. Like this retired government official from Pakistan who resembles Indian superstar Rajinikanth.

Rehmat Gashkori, 62, is a retired government official from Pakistan. According to an article in Pakistan-based Arab News, he realised he resembled the immensely popular Tamil actor Shivaji Rao Gaekwad, better known as Rajinikanth, when his colleagues pointed it to him towards the end of his career in public service.

Gashkori searched the name of the celebrated actor on the internet and found that he indeed resembled him. He did not think too much of it in the beginning, the article says until after his retirement, when he started posting his hunting videos on social media.

Speaking to Arab News, Gashkori said, “During my service with the deputy commissioner’s office in Sibi, I didn’t care too much about the comments about my resemblance with Rajinikanth. After I retired, I started using social media where many people started calling me by that name. I accepted it since I realised that God had blessed me with the looks of a great actor and human being.”

He then decided to adopt the unique style and mannerisms of the South Indian actor who is known for performing outlandish stunts. In the interview, Gashkori revealed that he enjoyed the attention he received for looking like India’s biggest action-movie star.

Recalling an incident when he was mistaken for the actor, he said he travelled to Karachi for a medical check-up and was mobbed by people at a shopping mall. People gathered around him in large numbers and started taking selfies, he said. When some of them asked if he was Rajinikanth, he replied that he was, but from Pakistan, he shared.

Source: The Indian Express