Poverty Causes Malnutrition Among Children in Afghanistan


Kabul, Jul 7 ( Prensa Latina) Thousands of children in Afghanistan suffer from malnutrition due to the growing poverty in the country, Tolo News published today.

The Save the Children Fund published in a report that this nation is among the 15 countries in the world facing food insecurity.

Millions of children around the world face hunger.

In the 15 most affected countries, such as South Sudan, Afghanistan or Burkina Faso, one child suffers from severe acute malnutrition every minute, the organization posted on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Fouzia Shafique, Unicef’s health leader in Afghanistan, explained that Unicef will continue its health emergency response project with the aim of providing health services in 34 provinces in Afghanistan.

This is a crucial project for the country at the moment.

And the reason is that we are all aware of the economic crisis that Afghanistan has been facing for the past year,’ he added.

According to statistics from the Public Health Ministry in 2022, nearly three million people in Afghanistan have suffered from malnutrition.

Source: Plenglish