Pakistan-Iran Power Grids Connected to Each Other: Minister


TEHRAN – The Iranian energy minister Ali Akbar Mehrabian said on Sunday that “The electricity transmission line between Iran and Pakistan was designed and built in less than a year with a capacity swapping 200 megawatts.”

Ali Akbar Mehrabian, Minister of Energy of Iran, told national Iranian TV on Sunday afternoon that Iran and Pakistan electricity relations have developed.

He said that “the energy transmission line between the two countries of Iran and Pakistan has been designed and built in less than a year.”

Mehrabian added, “With the construction of this line, the volume of exchanges between the two countries will increase to 200 megawatts.”

He also said, “In today’s meeting with the Minister of Energy of Pakistan, there were good discussions about how to swap electricity through this line, and we hope to reach an agreement in this regard.”

Also in a relevant development, the Pakistani energy ministry announced on Sunday that during the official visit of the Pakistani energy minister Khuram Dastgir Khan to Tehran and a meeting with his Iranian counterpart, they agreed to expand bilateral electricity ties. 

This was the second meeting of the energy ministers of the two neighboring countries in less than a year. The Pakistan minister met with Mehrabian during his trip to Tehran last June.

Source: MEHR News