DNA Test to Confirm Identity of Missing Sri Lankan in Israel


COLOMBO (News 1st); The Sri Lankan Embassy in Israel said the remains of Anula Ratnayake, who died in the Israel-Palestine conflict, will be sent to Sri Lanka after paying last respects on Wednesday (25).

Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to Israel Nimal Bandara said her remains will be sent to Sri Lanka within the next three days.

The Ambassador further said that DNA samples were obtained from the two children of the other Sri Lankan who went missing during the Israel-Palestine conflict, to confirm his death.

Arrangements were made to obtain the said DNA samples in Colombo on Tuesday (24).

Nimal Bandara said the bodies of around 350 people including foreigners who died in Hamas attacks have been placed in Israeli hospitals, and they have been burned beyond recognition.

He said the DNA samples will be used to confirm whether the body of the missing Sri Lankan is among them.

Source: English News First