CBI Books 4 Convicted by Abu Dhabi Courts


The CBI has registered FIRs against four Indian nationals who had allegedly committed financial frauds in Abu Dhabi and escaped from there to evade conviction by the courts there.

The four accused — identified as Arun Kumar Madhu Sudan, Vinod Vasudevan, Sanjoy Kumar Dutta and Mety Eslave Joseph — have been convicted by courts in Abu Dhabi in absentia in separate cases.

The CBI booked the four based on a request from the authorities in Abu Dhabi, routed through the Ministry of External Affairs.

The CBI will locally prosecute the accused and will inform the UAE about the outcome through the ministry, an official said.

According to CBI, Madhu Sudan has been booked for alleged financial fraud amounting to AED 253,629, Vasudevan for alleged fraud of AED 148,2697, Datta for alleged embezzlement to the tune of AED 320,000, and Joseph for AED 279,500.

In 2000, India and the UAE signed a bilateral extradition treaty which states that nationals of the “contracting states shall not be extradited to the other contracting state provided that the requested state shall submit the case to its competent authorities for prosecution if the act committed is considered as an offence under the laws of both contracting states.”

Source: The Indian Express