Bangladesh to Introduces E-quality Centre to Ensure Inclusive Participation in Digital Platforms


Bangladesh has taken a step to launch an e-quality centre with the aim of promoting equitable access and participation for people from all strata on digital platforms.

The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, in conjunction with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, organised a meeting involving foreign ambassadors and diplomats stationed in Bangladesh to introduce the initial concept of the centre.

Representatives from various countries, including China, Maldives, Philippines, USA, Japan, Vietnam, Brunei, and Bhutan, among others, participated in the meeting held at the state guest house Padma at 8:30am on Saturday.

Bangladesh intends to present comprehensive details about the e-quality centre during the forthcoming UN General Assembly, shared ICT Division Secretary Md Shamsul Arefin with the media after the meeting.

“The primary objective behind establishing this centre is to bridge the digital divide that disproportionately affects those with fewer resources compared to the affluent. Universal digital and ICT access is the goal,” stated the ICT secretary.

He further highlighted that prominent entities such as the World Bank and digitally advanced nations have expressed their support for this initiative.

“Our ambition is to make this centre globally accessible,” he added.

When questioned about discussions related to e-security with the ambassadors, he responded, “Indeed, we have addressed all aspects. In today’s digital realm, nothing can be overlooked.”

Source: TBS News