Audio of Individual Pronouncing Arju Rana’s Name Matches Sandesh Sharma’s Voice


KATHMANDU: A significant development has emerged in the investigation of the fake Bhutanese refugee issue, as the audio recording featuring the mention of lawmaker Dr. Arju Rana Deuba’s name has been matched with the voice of Sandesh Sharma, currently behind bars.

Sharma, a 34-year-old resident of Tulsipur Sub-Metropolitan City-16 in Dang, is presently in jail and is under investigation by the District Police Range, Teku, for suspected involvement in fraud and organized crime.

Upon alleging that the audio recording was “fabricated,” Rana lodged a request with the Cyber Bureau of Police, urging a thorough examination to ascertain the truth.

It is worth noting that the leaked audio recording, connected to the case of fake Bhutanese refugees, involves conversations featuring Rana and fellow Nepali Congress lawmaker Manju Khand.

Source: Khabar Hub