Assassination Posters Back in Surrey, Canada’s Trudeau Looks the Other Way


Radicals in Surrey BC are running a campiagn saying that Canadian intelligence asked Sikhs to remain safe as Indian agents are out to kill particular members.

The radical Sikh activity against India and in support of so-called Khalistan continues unabated in British Columbia in Canada with posters calling for the assassinations of Indian diplomats posted in the country back at the Surrey Gurudwara two days after they were pulled down. The Guru Nanak Sikh Gurudwara at Surrey was under the management of Khalistan Tiger Force terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar before he was gunned down on June 18, 2023.

Proscribed terrorist G S Pannu has written a letter to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau demanding the expulsion of Indian Ambassador Sanjay Kumar Verma even as a full-fledged campaign is being run by radicals in B C stating that Canadian Intelligence has asked Sikhs to remain safe as Indian agents are out to assassinate particular members of the community.

With the Canadian police and intelligence looking the other way, the radical Sikhs are organizing a “Kill India” car rally on October 21 to protest outside the Indian Consulate at Vancouver while targeting the Indian Consul General Manish and others for terrorist Nijjar killing. The October 21 protest is to drum up radical support in the name of Nijjar for the October 28 so called referendum done within the Sikh extremists and with support from the Pakistani deep state operating in Canada.

With the Indian diplomats and staff cornered by Sikh extremists with Trudeau government acting as a facilitator in the name of freedom of speech, Canada is playing a double game in the Nijjar episode. It is fanning a secessionist movement against India in Canada and at the same time trying hard to drive a wedge between India-US bilateral relations by citing the involvement of Indian agencies in the murder of thug turn-terrorist Nijjar. Given that Canada and US have umbilical relations with umbrella security ties, Trudeau is doing his best to defame India but also consolidating his radical Sikh vote bank with the moderate community having no voice on the issue. The fact is that Sikh extremists are running a riot in Canada and the moderates are hopelessly polarized with no support to confront the radicals.

The Canada and US-based propaganda media is also adding fuel to fire by calling Nijjar, a designated terrorist with no less than 10 FIRs and Red Corner Notice issued by Interpol, a religious priest instead what he actually was—a Jallandhar thug turned terrorist who captured the management of Surrey Gurudwara with the help of Moninder Boyle and G S Pannu. Luring Sikh youth from Punjab in the name of Canadian visa, the Sikh radicals have managed to radicalize a large number through social media platforms and have raised huge funds within Canada, UK, US and Germany in the name of discrimination against Sikhs in India.

Source: Hindustan Times