According to what standards of 9-point seismicity should skyscrapers be built in Dushanbe?


We explain using the example of a 12-storey building being built in the northern or southern part of Dushanbe (there is a difference). 

But first, why do we take Dushanbe as an example? 

Because there have always been disputes about whether it is possible to build high-rise buildings, for example, along Dushanbinka, whether it is possible to build them on the “Eastern Hills” (by the way, the Institute of Seismology opposed this at one time ) . 

In addition, the danger lies in the fact that, according to many scientists, the periods of high-rise oscillations are close to the period of ground oscillations, which means that if the frequencies coincide, the building can collapse even with a not very strong earthquake …

There are other reasons as well. They apply to all major cities. And Asia-Plus was told about them five years ago by the chief researcher of the Institute of Geology, Seismic Engineering and Seismology of the Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences Narima Ospanova. 

Even individual buildings can weigh tens of thousands of tons, not to mention the total weight of all city buildings. And the increase in the load on the ground is one of the reasons for creating stresses in the earth’s crust, which can result in earthquakes,” the specialist notes.

Weakens buildings and the construction of basements and underground garages.

In addition, the buildings are in a zone of constant vibrations created by traffic and pedestrian flows, that is, in unfavorable conditions from the point of view of seismic safety. 

Further. The city cannot exist without the use of water, it needs uninterrupted water supply, and the amount of water consumed grows in proportion to the increase in the population (in a small Dushanbe only officially 1 million 200 thousand people now live). 

“Therefore, the settlement of buildings can be caused, on the one hand, by soil moisture, and on the other hand, by a decrease in the level of groundwater over time. The population of cities is constantly growing, so the decrease in the level of groundwater is a common problem for all cities,” says Ospanova.

Here it must be taken into account that water is consumed not only for domestic needs, but also for industrial ones; increased water consumption is another distinctive feature of the capital.

And in Dushanbe they are going to build a metro …

Now that we understand how serious this is, let’s get back to the standards

“Asia-Plus” has not yet received responses from the relevant Committee for Architecture and Construction. 

Therefore, we decided for the time being to turn to specialists who are directly involved in construction in the capital.

So you’ve decided to build a house.

After the legal entity receives permits for construction and finds a place for it, the territory should be explored by a special group of geological exploration.

Such research is mainly carried out by OJSC Leading Institute of Engineering and Scientific and Technical Research (GIINTIZ), OJSC PITL SANIIOSP and a number of other private firms.

They provide a technical report with the geographic characteristics of the area, the conclusion of the soil analysis, data on underground utilities and other research results, which serve as the basis for the development of the project.

Source: asiaplustj