30 Percent of Sri Lanka’s Vehicles Emit Black Smoke


COLOMBO (News 1st); Facilities have been provided for people to lodge complaints with the Vehicular Emission Test Trust Fund regarding vehicles that emit excessive black smoke.

Public complaints can be lodged via WhatsApp on 0703500525.

Issuing a statement, the Vehicular Emission Test Trust Fund said the complaint must include a photo clearly showing the vehicle emitting black smoke and the location it was traveling in.

Based on the data of the relevant message, the regulatory unit of the Fund will conduct investigations to identify the vehicle, and a period of one month will be provided to repair it.

The Fund added that if the vehicle is not repaired within this period, its revenue license will be blacklisted.

The Fund said complaints can also be lodged if the services of the emission testing centers and mobile centers are not performed properly.

Accordingly, complaints can be submitted via WhatsApp on 0703500525 or by calling 0112669915.

The Vehicular Emission Test Trust Fund said it was revealed that 30 percent of Sri Lanka’s vehicles emit black smoke.

It added that health units have revealed that the toxic gases in the black smoke emitted by the vehicles may cause cancer and respiratory diseases.

Source: News First